Saturday, August 15, 2009

Family of photographers

So Christopher and I both have a passion for photography.

Or rather...HE has a passion for photography, and I have a budding interest. Whatever it is, we both love to take pictures. You can view our work here:

The Martin-Weber wedding album is full of photos that were taken by him, and a select few were post-edited by me.

The 8-14-09 album are photos taken of my friend Shelly and her family at the zoo...the first time I had any experience shooting without Christopher to guide me! Enjoy!

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Mama D said...

AWESOME photos!! They were so fun to look at.

I have to admit that looking at Nicole and Thomas' wedding pictures made me tear up. I miss my Ohio friends!! And I missed Jill and Chris' wedding and that makes me sad!!

But I'm grateful for the memories and the friendships.