Thursday, August 19, 2010


Alli has been bugging me for some time to update the blog. Truth is, I feel like I don't have anything interesting to say about the present, so I'd like to take you back in time ten years.

This is from 2002, but it'll have to do because I can't find any older pictures right now.

It's August of the year 2000. I've just gone to band camp, and found myself nursing my very first high school crush. (We'll call it high school. I'm aware that Freshmen have their own
school at Fairfield, the very one I attended.) Now high school crushes are something special, when compared to the middle school days of, "We're going out," actually meaning nothing, and the college days when "boyfriend" could at any time be transformed into "husband." High school gives you something more.

There are different versions of the high school crush. There's the "OMGsoHOT" high school crush (though we weren't likely to use "OMG" in real conversation back then, it was still in its' infancy), and there's the "I can envision attending every high school dance with you" type of crush. This was the latter. Don't be fooled, I had plenty of the OMG crushes, but this was something different. I noticed him. I trusted him. I was friends with him.

I know. Friends. The magical word that will dash all hopes of a high school relationship. FRIENDS?! What was I thinking? You don't make FRIENDS with the guys you're interested in! I just didn't understand that.

So I passed him a note.

I told him I liked him.

I asked him if he liked me.

He said...


WHAT?! No?! How could he not? He talks to me all the time! He's my friend! Can't he see that there should be something more?

...oh. What's that? Guys don't date their friends? Crap.

A few months later, he got a girlfriend. She was one of my good friends, so I let it be. He and I were friends anyway, the kind of friends who have inside jokes and make fun of people behind their backs... (Don't worry! Only teachers!) I figured their relationship would end like the other relationships do, so I waited it out.

and I waited.

and waited.

and waited.

What? Senior year of high school, and they're STILL together? (This doesn't mean that I didn't have other guys in my mind that I was interested in, but if he'd ever come around, I would have been THRILLED, dropped all other prospects and lived happily ever after with the man of my Freshman dreams.)

So I went to college.

I got a boyfriend.

I sent him on a mission.

And I kept in touch with all my high school friends on Facebook.

Nearly seven years after I first noticed him, I changed my profile picture on Facebook.

He noticed.


Now he's my husband.


Lauren Kay said...

Oh my goodness I loved this post. Adrienne. You should post more often! This was really cute. I don't think I got that version of the story when we were roommates, I definitely heard about the phone calls, the text chats, emailing, online chatting etc. I still think of you when I hear that Colbie Caillat song too. This was too cute. Love you! Baby bump pics next??

Mama D said...

I love your story. Cheers for living happily ever after!

Alice Carey said...

AWW! How sweet! I don't think I realized you'd liked him for SO long. Cute story! :)

Sharona said...

That's an awesome story.