Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let Your Freak Flag Fly.

I think I've spent most of my life trying to fit in. I was that girl in sixth grade pretending that my off-brand tennis-shoes from Meijer were "European running shoes" (In my defense, it did say this on the box...) because I didn't want to admit that I just simply didn't have anything that was Adidas. I spent years wishing I could change my hair, change my body type, change my personality so I could be cool. I never quite figured out how to do that.

How terrible would it be if we were all the same?

I was born with hair that would turn curly when I was 12, no matter how many hours I spent with the iron (yes, an actual iron) trying to make it straight.

I was born creative. (Translation: weird)

I was born DIFFERENT. Just like you were.

All the coolest girls were freaks. I mean-Cinderella? She was a dork who read books in the soot by the fireplace. Snow White? 7 really short guy friends, and none of them were interested. Ariel wished and dreamed about getting out of the ocean.

And in the real world, the people who make a difference are the people who ARE different.

I'm not saying you need to change the world, I'm just saying...

What makes us different makes us special. And what makes us special makes us strong.

Now watch this video. Funny song, with a good point.


Susan (Mom) said...

What a great song! I can see you as one of those characters. Can't decide which one.

Julie said...

I love your face, Adri! And I love that you're different. It'd be boring to be normal ( ;