Thursday, June 7, 2012


Sometimes I wish more than anything that I could freeze a moment in time.  The munchkins are growing too fast.  There are so many moments that I'd give anything to capture, because I hate that in a few months, let alone years, I'm going to forget how amusing it is that James leads with his head when he runs.  That Sam picks up his bottle with his feet when he drops it.  The slow sweet smile that spreads across Sam's face when we wake him up and he opens his eyes to see one of us right in front of him.  The way James's excitement fills the room when I ask him if he wants to play with the Play-Doh.  The moments a camera can't capture.  The sparkle in James's eyes when he hears Daddy's key in the lock.  The way Sam sighs and turns his head toward his blanket when it's time for a nap.

The way it feels to hear James say, "Mommy snuggle."

The way sometimes Sam just wants to be held.

While I fight through the I'm-not-bipolar-maybe-this-is-postpartum-depression battle and sometimes I feel like I can't even see anyone around me, I'm thankful for the little beacons of light in my little boys.  I'm a very blessed mommy


Mama D said...

Capture the moments the best you can - in pictures, in words, in a blog post, in a journal. Record them so you have them to remind yourself when life and emotions get hard. And enjoy every single moment with your precious family!

Loni said...

You guys are all so perfect!

Laura Jansson said...

Loved this post! Your boys are just the sweetest things & they are lucky to have such a committed & wonderful Mom :)

Katrina said...

You ARE a very blessed mommy, your boys are adorable, and you're beautiful! Keep hangin' in there, Adrienne!

(Have you gotten a hold of the Emotion Code book yet?)

Adrienne said...

Thanks you guys! I sure love those little midgets. Katrina, I haven't gotten a hold of that book, and I really need to...even more than before, I think.